Mad Studio 899 is a new brand on the international market based in Vilnius, Lithuania. 

It all started with a life changing idea of creating own brand, designs with deeper meaning  inspired by art and culture from around the world. 

To make it all possible it took quitting two stable jobs, selling one house and one immigration.  Sounds crazy in the middle of a global pandemic, but if not now then when? Taking the biggest  risk in our life, Mad Studio 899 was born. 

Our vision is to create a unique brand that stands out, not only by original designs but with the  quality of the products. 

Because we believe good things should last for long, our small team: a designer, a technician and  a marketing and social media manager, tried out hundreds of prints, methods and fabrics to find  the exact way and quality we are proud of. 

Mad Studio 899 is for everyone who likes to stand out and know exactly what is the meaning of  what they are wearing. All of our product are unisex. 

Our first collections are inspired by four styles: Japanese tattooing and food culture, American traditional tattooing, greatest artworks from around the world and texts that have deep and fun meaning. We also offer a small selection of our original logo and basics.  

So, what’s your Mad Studio 899 style?